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Austin, Texas

As a self-proclaimed small town kid who grew up on her grandfather’s farm, Aubrey learned the value and joy of hands-on labor from observing and working alongside her family. During a successful run in the corporate world, various factors—including impending burnout—led Aubrey to begin seeking a creative outlet to combat and manage stress. A chance encounter with a scrapped piece of furniture at the apartment dumpster during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic led her into the world of furniture resale and restoration—and ultimately to her own restoration as a person and creative.


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Nairobi, Kenya

Have you ever had an identity crisis? Or a crisis of faith? For Harriet Dodea, her journey to find answers started with a move to a foreign country and a subsequent chance encounter with a stranger on the way to the bus station one day. This life-changing experience challenged her to wrestle through some deep heart questions and discover herself and her true identity. Now a few years later, having created a sisterhood community through social media, Harriet launched a Warrior Princess Challenge to help other women grow in their faith, identity, creativity, and health. Through all this, she hopes to inspire people to live out their God-given gifts and “be faithful in the small things that they have [been given] and just trust that God is well able to multiply it into the things that he sees them to be.”


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Stories of Our City collects and shares real stories from real people from around the world in an effort to cultivate community and global understanding. We produce these stories to reveal that our everyday experiences with family, love, religion, and culture are often similar to those of others living in cities and villages across the globe. We believe that when we share and celebrate a common humanity, we can begin to erase the boundaries and labels that divide us. When we take the time to listen we recognize the “other” as the same as us, giving us the foundation for global community.


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