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Amman, Jordan

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. Zidane Mitoubssi (Zee-dan Mit-wub-see) was a newly graduated college student entering a workplace for which he found himself somewhat unprepared. And then he and a friend had a bright idea.


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Beirut, Lebanon

Arek shares how organizing food festivals across the various regions of Lebanon led to a personal celebration of diversity.

Originally published June 7, 2010


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Stories of Our City collects and shares real stories from real people from around the world in an effort to cultivate community and global understanding. We produce these stories to reveal that our everyday experiences with family, love, religion, and culture are often similar to those of others living in cities and villages across the globe. We believe that when we share and celebrate a common humanity, we can begin to erase the boundaries and labels that divide us. When we take the time to listen we recognize the “other” as the same as us, giving us the foundation for global community.


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