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Paris, France

Mili and her husband, Deep, are passionate about traveling, new cuisine, and culture. Their shared love of travel is in fact one of the things that brought them together and helps keep their love alive. In this episode, as Mili recounts their latest adventure of an international move, it’s obvious she never forgets to pack her sense of humor. Mili’s contagious laughter reminds us that if we will let it, traveling can provide new perspectives, time to connect with loved ones, and a repertoire of stories to share.


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Amman, Jordan

Though the country of Jordan may not be internationally known for its environmental initiatives and green living, one citizen is doing all he can to turn the tide. What began as a one-off project for Therwah Abdelhaq to transform a glass bottle into a piece of art for a contest turned into an ongoing green initiative called T Bottle, which has redeemed an estimated 20,000 bottles from the landfill—upcycling them into works of aesthetic and functional art.


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Stories of Our City collects and shares real stories from real people from around the world in an effort to cultivate community and global understanding. We produce these stories to reveal that our everyday experiences with family, love, religion, and culture are often similar to those of others living in cities and villages across the globe. We believe that when we share and celebrate a common humanity, we can begin to erase the boundaries and labels that divide us. When we take the time to listen we recognize the “other” as the same as us, giving us the foundation for global community.


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