Stories from Austin


By Jessica Koparan and Scott Lashinsky
February 22, 2023

As a self-proclaimed small town kid who grew up on her grandfather’s farm, Aubrey learned the value and joy of hands-on labor from observing and working alongside her family. During a successful run in the corporate world, various factors—including impending burnout—led Aubrey to begin seeking a creative outlet to combat and manage stress. A chance encounter with a scrapped piece of furniture at the apartment dumpster during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic led her into the world of furniture resale and restoration—and ultimately to her own restoration as a person and creative.

Back in the Saddle

By Jessica Spann and Scott Lashinsky
April 14, 2021

Hannah Walker was only five years old when she was first introduced to horseback riding at summer camp. And she immediately fell head over heels for horses. But when a tragic horseback accident occurred, Hannah hit rock bottom, not knowing if she’d ever get back in the saddle again.

Paying It Forward

By Ellie Heard and Scott Lashinsky
November 3, 2016

Peggy is a native of Iran attending business school at the University of Texas and helping to run her family business. Listen as she shares the story of her family’s move to America from Turkey and about the adjustments and people that made their mark in her memories.