Stories from Baghdad

Looking For America, Longing For Family

By: Kenisha Leonhardt and Scott Lashinsky
July 27, 2017

Life can be very dangerous for Iraqis who have worked with the United States Army during the Iraq War. Even for those who leave their Iraqi homeland, in many cases, their families and relatives left behind still remain vulnerable. Such is the case of Noor, who has since immigrated to the United States, leaving her family behind in her motherland. Now in the process of becoming a U.S. citizen, Noor has come to feel at home in her new country. But one thing is missing: her family. Though Iraq has been removed from Donald Trump’s revised travel ban, which affects residents of six Muslim-majority countries throughout North Africa and the Middle East, the process for Iraqis applying for entry visas into the United States can still be arduous and quite time-consuming. Listen as Noor shares about her journey, her struggle, and the continuing desire to one day be reunited with her family on American soil.

Editor’s Note: The subject’s name in this week’s story has been changed to protect her identity.

Rami’s Story

By: Katy Gilbert

Rami is an Iraqi national that left Iraq during the war. In this story, he shares about the first 21 days of the war—the shock and awe.

A Love Story

By: Katy Gilbert

Rami is an Iraqi national that left Iraq during the war. He tells of his first love in this week’s story.

Bus Story

By: Katy Gilbert

Ahmed, an Iraqi refugee living in Jordan, relates an experience he had one day on the bus in Baghdad, Iraq. The incident occurred during the time of the Iraqi embargo, and times were tough. Listen as he shares a glimpse of what life was like in Iraq at that time.