The Wedded Wanderers

By: Laura Applegath
January 25, 2018

Ever wanted to ditch your job, the nine-to-fiver, the good old daily grind and traverse the world? Meet Nathan and Sarah. This husband and wife pair from Boise, Idaho, did just that. Quitting their jobs last spring, the couple is currently fulfilling a decade-long dream of traveling the world for an entire year. Beginning at Springer Mountain in Georgia they stepped foot on the Appalachian Trail and hiked north for five months straight.  They traversed 14 states and ended in Baxter State Park in Maine.

After a month of rest, they are back on the road—or in the air, or on the sea—finishing their year of travel with a six-month jaunt around the Pacific. Their nomadic journey has taken a bit of both planning and an open mind, but these two adventurers are living a lifestyle that some only dream about and are building relationships and memories that will likely remain with them long after their return home. But as with many major commitments, this exciting excursion wasn’t met without cold feet. Listen as the couple shares their initial reservations about leaving their comfort zones for the great unknown and how they worked through the challenges of globetrotting.

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