Far From Child’s Play:

By: Laura Osborne
December 20, 2018

Cemre (Gem-ray), is a researcher, scholar, and prolific writer in the field of child psychology. Much of her career focuses on the weighty subject of child exploitation and abuse, and she spends many hours in counseling sessions with children and their families working through a variety of problems—trying to bring wholeness to broken family systems. Cemre’s passion for children has led her to write children’s books that help them and their families process big issues in a way that young minds can digest and in which they can have discourse.

In this podcast, Cemre highlights one of those books, which was born out of her own feelings during the 2013 Gezi protests in Istanbul. These protests started as a demonstration to save the Gezi Park greenspace from being turned into a shopping mall but evolved into an historical event where thousands of Turkish citizens from all walks of life gathered to protest the policies and general direction of the government.

Listen as Cemre explains how this book came to be and how she uses it to engage with children in their world.


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