Stories from Boise

The Wedded Wanderers

By: Laura Applegath
January 25, 2018

Ever wanted to ditch your job, the nine-to-fiver, the good old daily grind and traverse the world? Meet Nathan and Sarah. This husband and wife pair from Boise, Idaho, did just that. Quitting their jobs last spring, the couple is currently fulfilling a decade-long dream of traveling the world for an entire year.


This Tastes Like Trash

By: Katy Gilbert

Josh tells his story of learning justice by learning to care for the environment.

Peacemaking Lawyer

By: Katy Gilbert

Michelle shares her journey of becoming a peacemaking lawyer.

My Red Boots

By: Katy Gilbert

Angela tells the story of her red boots.

Buildings Have Stories Too

By: Katy Gilbert

Doug shares the story of a few buildings in Boise, Idaho.


By: Katy Gilbert

David shares his story of justice from the Just Stories Festival in Boise, Idaho.